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Emily has spent most of her recent teaching years designing and facilitating community-engagement collaborative projects, conducting research on service-centric practices, and creating professional development tools for her colleagues focused on the value of local community and student projects. 

Emily's research shows that designing reciprocal experiences leads participants to be more civically engaged. Her current project. ReVisibility is ongoing and has had receptions in New York, NY, Oakland, CA and forthcoming in Sonoma County.


Recently Emily was the recipient of the 2022/2023 Educational Experience Enhancement Award for "exceptional levels of service that support the CSU’s priorities". In 2020/2021 she was the recipient of the Koret Scholar Award (alongside her student team) resulting in the Reciprocity Mural which was selected as one of only two  artistic works to be featured at COPLAC 2021. Her research, designed with her students, on underrepresented populations and service-learning tested and challenged the core values and mission statement of her own university and were featured and presented at multiple conferences.  Additionally, Emily has received multiple innovation grants, founded an inaugural year-long letter writing project resulting in 100 student partnerships and over 1,200 letters exchanged. She also has presented for and worked extensively in collaboration across her campus with Arts Integration, the CCEEOP, The Summer Bridge Program, McNair Scholars ProgramPUERTASeawolf Scholarsthe LARC, and the Library



Central concerns of Emily’s teaching philosophy include providing culturally responsive experiences for her students and other local communities with the hopes of intersecting the unique lenses and positionalities of each group with one another---and the added goals of fostering empathy and humility. Emily’s goal is to develop future leaders and activists. 

In the Classroom

Via Community Engagement, Service Learning, and process-centric pedagogical practices. Her instruction focuses on the relationships of rhetoric to composition, and  unpacking social constructions perpetuated in various genres of nonfiction, popular culture, TV & Film, and New Media. Students in Emily’s classes are invited to insert, question, and grapple with their own lenses (or rich personal histories) during every stage of the learning process. Her hope is that students develop their own unique academic voices while reading across multiple disciplines, gaining fundamental college critical thinking and writing skills, as well as learning to collaborate with their peers, the university at large, and various communities. 


Other Research Interests

First-Gen Freshman Experience, Community Engagement, Service-Learning, New Media/Digital Humanities/Information Literacy, Cinema Studies, Jewish Identity, and Representation.

Can I Hire You?

To book Emily for a speaking engagement, conference, consulting for your course, or a community writing or art-based project please use the Contact Form. 
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