Current Courses:


Writing Center Theory and Practice 303, English 101,

English 100A/English 100B, First-Year Composition            (2014-Present)


Via service-learning, tolerance, and process-centric pedagogical practices, my composition courses focus on unpacking social constructions perpetuated in various genres of non-fiction, popular culture, TV & Film and New Media. Students are invited to insert, question and grapple with their own "lenses" (or rich personal histories) during every stage of the learning process. Students will develop unique academic voices while reading across multiple disciplines, gaining fundamental college critical thinking and writing skills, as well as learn to collaborate with their peers, the university at-large and various communities. (also see the offical course description). 


English 460, Teaching Assistantship:


Teaching Assistants (both Graduate and Undergraduate) can receive up to 4 units while gaining leadership and/or teaching experience tailored to the individual’s specific academic goals. 



University Service:

Writing Center Faculty Director

EOP Instructor 2018 - Present

Innovation Grant Recipient 2018-2019

Innovation Grant Recipient 2017-2018

Lower Division Composition Professional Development Coordinator  2017-2019

Campus Faculty Canvas Pilot 2016-2017

Service-Learning Instructor 2016- Present 

Arts Integration Faculty Learning Community Presenter 2015-2016

Faculty Advisor, Best Buddies 2015-2018

Lower Division Composition Committee Member 2014-2016

English Department 2014-present

WEPT Reader 2014-present

Assistant Director of the Writing Center 2012 - 2013

Mcnair Scholars Program Coordinator 2013